Indoor and outdoor photography essential accessories

Oct 22, 2019

If you have a new SLR, but within a few days, you will find that you want to use SLR, and it seems that you need some accessories? There are some photography accessories that we need to have!

Additional camera battery

There is a spare camera battery, just like a life-saving straw, you remember to let it be fully charged.  If you have the good conditions, you can choose to buy the original battery, but there are also many third-party brand batteries to choose from.

For the very cold winter, shooting outdoors is due to the low temperature, the battery is not as durable, it is necessary to spare a few batteries!

Extra memory card

The necessity of a memory card is not at all smaller than that of a battery, but there is a more controversial issue here. Is it to buy one, two or large-capacity cards or buy multiple small-capacity cards? In this case, in principle, , if choose a small capacity card that can reduce the possibility of losing your photos! Also, when selecting a memory card, also pay attention to the card's read and write speed, which will directly affect your camera's cache speed.

a camera bag

There are many ways to protect the camera, but the most direct one is the camera bag! However, the variety of models of the camera is varied, so be careful when purchasing:

Is there enough pocket for you to look at things like UV mirrors and batteries, as well as easy access.

Does it have a waterproof anti-theft function.

Whether the buffer board inside is reasonable and placed properly.


Unless you are an iron hand, or if the photographer can leave the tripod. Especially shooting landscape pictures.

Pay attention when purchasing a tripod:

It should be light and strong.

Choose the locking form of the telescopic or the spiral form?

What is the maximum weight of the tripod? Can you meet your camera?

Stability after all stretching?

If you are indoor,the Photo Studio Lighting Kit is a good accessory,

The future:

Includes everything you need to set up your own photo or video studio. 

Ideal for beginner, amateur, or professional photographers.

Portable and easy to set up.

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