Photography light stand

Oct 26, 2019

One of the photographic equipment is used for shooting purposes. The purpose is to give the objects to be shot with different intensity of light. The illumination is provided by the light frame, because the light source is fixed on the light frame, which can guarantee The balance of the light is generally essential for indoor photography.

A premium professional photo light stand provides maximum load capacity in a minimum volume. It is made of exquisite black aluminum, light weight, easy to carry and easy to adjust knobs. The wide-diameter base provides absolute stability and the double-tube support adds strength, making it ideal for lamps and for background brackets. The air cushion type lamp holder provides maximum protection for the flash. Light stand, standard series, basic but with very advanced technology and exquisite appearance, ultra-durable, scratch-resistant surface. Freely connected connectors make it easier and more convenient for photographers to use.

Photo Lighting stand, air cushion series, super durable, light weight, is a must-have tool for busy studios. It is made of black aluminum and is sturdy, beautiful and non-reflective. High quality connector, removable and reversible mounting bolts. The air-cushioned cylinder ensures a safer flash and more accurate positioning.

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