Light stand selection

Oct 10, 2019

After using the lamp, you can't do this. If you play off-camera, you can say that you can have no softbox, but you can't have a light stand.

1) The smallest light stand

Regardless of the ground light, this should be the smallest and shortest light stand. Light, thin, short, may only have two sections, the joint may be a plastic fastener, the maximum height may be less than 2 meters, this is the case.

This lamp holder can't be used as the main light stand. The only selling point is very light. I have seen 3 people taking a picture outside, and the cloth light is used. Anyway, it doesn't need to be raised very high, no umbrella and soft. Light box, do not take the wind, just add color film is it. If it is another lamp holder, it is already a heavy burden to bring three of them. Only this small lamp holder can.

2) Portable main light stand

With the hot shoe light off the machine, the main portable light stand almost only this perfect choice: Manfrotto 5001B, the main feature is that the three legs are flat strips, retracted upwards. The weight bearing and its own weight and volume have reached a perfect compromise. There are countless domestic imitations, and we also offer us a lower price option. However, the size of the imitation goods is also different, less than 50cm after the small retraction, and the larger may exceed 60cm. If you care about the volume and weight, choose it before you buy it.

His usage is to punch holes in one of the flat feet, so you can add a strap and tie the soft umbrella with the elastic rope, so you can carry the whole set with you very conveniently.

3) Medium light stand

If you use the hot shoe light, this is a heavy-duty configuration. Adding a softbox and a slanting arm is enough. It is usually over 70cm and weighs more than 1kg. If you carry it outside, you can take it with you. support. In addition to the hot shoe lights, the external lamp and the single lamp holder of the indoor studio, it is generally enough to use it.

There are many domestic brands to choose from, especially the brands that make studio lights basically have the same brand of light holders. Some of them have air cushion function, that is, after loosening the fastening button, the section on the studio lighting photo light stand will not be directly Shrinking down to the bottom, but there is a cushion when hitting the bottom, which can reduce the impact and protect the lamp. This light stand also has a built-in beveled arm design.

4) Oblique arm

Soon you may find that it is not very useful to put the light directly on the light stand. For example, when playing butterfly light, the position of the light should be on the front of the model, and you put the light stand on the model. It will be worn in front of you. In addition to this, there must be more time, you will want to use the inclined arm to extend the lamp.

light stand

So you still need this, two magic hands (clamp) and a metal rod (inclined arm), usually sold with the C light stand, but it is also possible to buy it separately for a smaller light stand.

If the metal rod you choose has the same joint structure as the lamp holder on the head, you can directly connect the H-type lamp holder connector. In fact, you only need one magic hand, and the other is used to clip other things. Let's go.

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