Why is The Background Cloth Green When Filming?

Feb 15, 2019

Nowadays, with more and more investment in the film industry, the post-production technology becomes more and more powerful, and the visual effect presented to the audience becomes more and more dazzling.

Sometimes, after the film is shown, there will be a short tidbit for the audience to enjoy. At this time, we often see that in the shooting process, the actor's background is usually a piece of green cloth from Photography Backdrop Manufacturer, no matter what kind of special effects, everyone USES this kind of green cloth like the following:

Whether it is science fiction or costume films, domestic or foreign, everyone USES green cloth from Photography Backdrop Supplier, why is this?

So here's how it works:

First of all, this cloth is mainly for the background and foreground, convenient later matting, add computer effects, this is not difficult to understand.

But, red orange yellow green cyan violet is so much color, but why to use green cloth unhappened?

The basic structure of film is made up of red, green and blue layers.

From the root of red, green and blue as the background color is ok, this can be understood as these three colors are the mother of color. But entering the passage, it can be seen (see the picture below) that green is the brightest color:

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In fact, before the earliest useful blue, blue and green as easy to be identified and removed by software.

Simply put, the software recognizes the green (or blue) pixels and removes them, leaving a transparent passageway. The result is a character with no background, which can then be used as a background for special effects like outer space or ancient castles.

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The advantage of green over blue is that the video camera is normally more sensitive to the green channel, and the best resolution and picture details are generally in the green channel.

Simply put, green is more distinct from people and environment than any other color, and it has the highest brightness, saving money on lighting and lighting costs on set, which is also a big expense on a movie set.

Of course, the front object still needs props to be more realistic.

Of course, there are exceptions, that is, the movie itself needs more green, in order to distinguish, will use other colors as the background.

In addition, it is usually green, and over time, people call the background green screen.

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