Model Photography Background Cloth

Jan 29, 2019

Generally speaking, the portrait photography in the studio should avoid the use of cold color background such as the Eavy Duty Photo Studio Backdrop, because the cold color background is not easy to obtain accurate visual color balance sense; Relatively speaking, portrait skin can be in the adjustment of warm tone color, appear more ruddy. For more information about the background products from the Eavy Duty Photo Studio Backdrop Suppliers of the studio, please pay attention to: kailipu weibo and shenzhen kaili photography equipment website phone

Usually the studio USES a paint background cloth screen or studio wall panels. These professional backdrops, in order to avoid the interference of reflected light, apply matte paint to both the cloth and the wall, so that the entire light can be fully scattered. The easiest way to do this is to paint a wall as a background and remember not to paint it with bright paint.

EAVY DUTY Photo Studio Backdrop

When you have a background cloth (paper), you can easily control the illumination of the background light. When shooting full-body portraits, ground lines appear in the background such as the Green Muslin Photography Backdrop and need to be eliminated by post production or photography Angle. The length is enough long setting cloth (paper) can connect a line, model stands or lie on setting paper to be able to complete composition, want lamplight to adjust moderately only, can avoid the shadow when setting cloth (paper) zigzag, let whole picture have aesthetic feeling more.

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