Points to Be Aware of When Using the Photographic Light Stand

Feb 20, 2019

Pay attention when using the Photographic Light Stand:

1. Stability is the first premise, and the support angle of the Photography Studio Light Stand is determined according to the situation;

2, the three legs of the Studio Lighting Photo Light Stand are not necessarily the same length, priority to stretch the "thigh", and finally stretch the foot;

Photography Studio Light Stand

3, the middle shaft should not rise as much as possible, otherwise the center of gravity will affect stability;

4, try to keep the center axis vertical, easy to adjust the level;

5, special environment, you can remove the rubber pad, insert the nail into the ground, more stable;

6. After being used in special environments such as the seaside and saline-alkali land, it should be cleaned, thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent the tripod from being corroded and affecting the service life;

7, telephoto cannon, first of all, the lens is installed on the gimbal, not the camera body; secondly, it is better to have one leg of the lens facing the tripod;

8, pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the tripod, do not overload (including the gimbal locking force);

9. Heavy objects (such as camera bags) can be hung under the center axis to increase stability. However, pay attention to the bearing capacity of the stand. At the same time, pay attention to whether it is more attractive, but it will lead to instability. The best way is to use bags. A few bottles of mineral water, convenient and practical;

10. Transfer movement, it is recommended to remove the quick release plate. If it is too troublesome, consider holding the camera and the pan/tilt and holding the tripod.

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