How to set up studio lighting?

Sep 25, 2019

Light is everything for the cameraman. How to set reasonable lighting in the studio is the first question that the cameraman should consider. Studio lightings issues involve many aspects, natural lighting, artificial light sources, light source locations, and lighting color temperatures. Studio lighting can even affect the rendering of the work. It may seem complicated, but it will be done once and for all. Today, we will help you set the perfect lighting in your studio by introducing the use of different accessories.


Studio lightings


The flash is used to fill the subject with a large area of light and eye point, and use a diffuser and a reflector to soften the light, giving the portrait a natural, softer light ratio. Photography is the art of using light. Different photography categories have different lighting techniques and auxiliary tools. Portrait photography uses lights to shape people, and different types of lights have different lighting effects.

Studio lamp accessory

Modern studio lighting accessories have a wide variety of accessories, complete specifications, suitable for all types of photographic light requirements. From softboxes of different sizes to shades and color patches of different performances, it provides great convenience for studio photography. One of the most important accessories for studio lighting. The main function of the softbox is to soften the hard light of the flash to make it diffuse. Diffuse light is very beneficial for shooting portraits and has a special effect on expressing people's skin color and texture. The light area is large and soft and delicate.

Light stand

The studio lighting photo light stand is the support of the studio light, generally divided into a background light stand, a ground light stand (with a universal wheel), a main light stand and the like.

Reflective umbrellas are similar to softboxes and have a soft light effect. But the difference is that the light direction of the flash is not facing the subject, but opposite to the reflective umbrella, reflecting the light onto the subject through the reflective surface of the umbrella nest. The light emitted by the softbox should be concentrated and the direction is strong.

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Light stands

Standard cover and its accessories

The standard cover is a standard aperture lamp cover that comes with the lamp head. It is used to ensure the normal illumination angle of the light, so that the light has strong directivity and is hard light. The function of the beam mask is to shrink the light from the flash tube into a small beam, and the light is concentrated and the direction is extremely strong.

Four-page film

The role of the four-page film is mainly to block the excess light and control the area of the light, which is generally used on a standard cover. The color film is used on a standard cover to change the color of the flash, and has colors such as red, green, yellow, and blue. The honeycomb is used for collecting light, which can make the illumination range of the light smaller, the directionality is strengthened, and the boundary of the illumination area is clear.


Reflector is an indispensable auxiliary lighting tool for portrait photography. When you want to express the details of the dark part, if you use the light to directly illuminate, it will appear too bright and easy to break the ring level. At this time, you can use the reflector to fill the dark part.

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