Shopping Tips for Shooting Lights

Mar 08, 2019

More and more people are beginning to love photography. It is especially important to equip yourself with a suitable set of equipment. With the camera, the Studio Photography Lightings will be poorly photographed. With the lamps, you will be able to take more beautiful photos. 

The purchase method is as follows: 1. Small studios buy small lamps: the photography space is less than 5 pings, and the ceiling height is below 3 meters. It is best to buy 200 watts of lamps. Remember to never exceed 400 watts. 2, the large studio to buy a strong light: the required photography space to reach more than 5 ping, the ceiling height of more than 3 meters, and it is best to buy about 400 ~ 600 watts of lamps. 3, the output of the external flash is no less than the shed light, but because the return speed is slow and easy to be hot, you must consider the form of photography; if you often shoot continuously, it is recommended to buy a shed light. 4. The shed lamp has special lighting, single lamp and electric bucket. It is recommended that the general person should start with the external lamp and the single lamp first. If it is necessary to take photos at high speed, the electric bucket is more suitable. 5, some photography lights are dedicated, not universal, and some photography lights are driven by strong batteries, so the purchase of photography lights must also consider the existing battery capacity, if necessary, may require a nominal purchase.

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