Things to Pay Attention to in the Selection of Studio Lights

Mar 01, 2019

Things to pay attention to in the selection of studio lights:

First, because most of the studio area is not very large, 300W or 400W lamps are generally sufficient, and can not be blindly sought. Although the large index lamps have the upgrade advantages of expanding the studio area in the future, some lamps have a narrower range than the adjustable ones. If the studio is too small, it will seriously affect the use, but it is not as cheap as the low-power lamps.

Second, the tube is the core of the studio light such as the Photo Studio Continuous Lighting Kit.

Third, the benefits of using a Photo Studio Softbox Lighting Kit are that the light is evenly soft and the color saturation is high. Material must pay attention to choose thick and durable reflective material and soft cloth, work hard, easy to install and disassemble. Nowadays, the popular spherical diffuser (octagonal soft mask) has a large irradiation area and is suitable for use in a small space.

Fourth, continuous light source lamps are available in both solar and quartz lamps for different applications. The sun light has a color temperature of 5400K and is equipped with a metal halide bulb, which is suitable for fashion and portraits. The color temperature of the quartz lamp is 3200K, which is a common light source for wedding dresses, art photos and the pursuit of low-color warmth.

Pay attention to dust prevention during maintenance. When not in use, place it in a dry and ventilated place. Like ordinary flash lamps, frequent charging and discharging will prolong the service life of high withstand voltage capacitors.

Photo Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

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