Use the Photo Studio Metal Clamp to Upgrade Your Clips to A Level

Mar 14, 2019

In film and television shooting, the application range of the Photo Studio Metal Clamp is very wide, and it can be combined with many accessories to evolve various patterns. Today, let's take a look at the advanced use techniques of the slide rail + video pan/tilt, from sliding, lateral sliding and diagonal sliding to show how to use the slide rail correctly, so that the effect of the work can be improved by one grade.

The first is to use the slide rail such as Metal Clamp with Spigot Nut as a tool for pushing and pulling the lens. With the hydraulic head, it can rotate the body while pushing and pulling the lens, so that the effect is more advanced than simple push-pull. Generally, this operation needs to be done collaboratively. The photographer is responsible for pushing the lens and turning the body, and the cokemaster is responsible for focusing on the close subject.

It is also possible to erect the slide rail on the platform of the tripod. Because the bearing capacity is relatively large, the tripod and the supporting platform need to use higher quality products, otherwise it will cause severe vibration during the movement, and the final effect will be affected. Causes damage to the equipment. After the rails are set up, the camera is still fixed on the top of the platform, and the pan/tilt is adjusted so that the camera can view the angle of view parallel to the ground, and then select the appropriate foreground. The choice of the foreground can play a role in occluding and highlighting the sense of space, so the movement of the position must have a promising match in order to make the work more graded.

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