Photo Tripod Shopping Guide - For Beginners

Mar 20, 2019

Photo Tripod Shopping Guide - For Beginners

Photography tripod from Light Stand Supplier is as important for photographers as the wine glass holding the wine. It is also a kind of product that is very difficult to recommend and choose due to the complex and diverse categories and different needs in the market. The common brand on the market at present is much like a cow hair, introduce the place that tripod of choose and buy needs to notice in detail for everybody below.

I. Basic knowledge of tripod

It should be noted that according to the number of the foot tube and the product of the foot frame, it can be roughly divided into tripod and monopod. Tripod provides stable support for photographers to shoot, whether it is selfie, group photo, still life shooting, long exposure, multiple composite subjects. The monopod is mainly used to help the photographer share the weight of equipment and maintain a certain degree of flexibility. It is mainly used in sports, bird-shooting and video fields.

Tripod pin number and maximum diameter

Tip: The stability of the tripod Light Stand Exporter is determined by the tripod, cradle head, quick loading board, the design, material, locking structure will also affect the stability, but here do not do to expand.

Tip: Overseas brands tend to be conservative in their load-bearing capacity calibration, while Chinese brands are "confident" -- but no matter how much load-bearing capacity is calibrated, there is no correlation between the value and stability.

Ii. Portability design

On the one hand look at the material (carbon fiber or alloy), look at the design (mainly reflexed structure), on the other hand also look at the number of sections. The more the number of feet, a layer of a layer, the length of the receptacle is easier to do short.

Attention! Attention! Attention! The important thing to say three times is that a reflexed design and multiple pins usually reduce the stability of the tripod at maximum height, while also allowing you to expand and retract the tripod for more handling and time. Therefore, stability and portability are often contradictory. If you want both portability and stability, you have to pay for it.

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