Photography Video Studio Reflector And Photo Umbrellas Use Tips

Aug 07, 2018

The most basic position of a Photography Video Studio Reflector is the position 45 degrees above the side (left or right) of the subject, which is the position of the two lights in the upper left or upper right of your light map. Why should I choose this location? There is only one reason to simulate the lighting effect of natural light, in line with general visual habits.

The main light position determines the basic purpose and effect of the lighting, but the light effect is visually different, that is, the so-called "soft" and "hard". “Soft” means soft light, and “hard” means concentrated light. Beginners are lighting, soft light is easy to get started. So you can put a soft light device on this light, such as a softbox or a Photo Umbrellas

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Photography Video Studio Reflector

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