The Function Of The Photo Studio Cube Light Tent

Aug 03, 2018

Photo Studio Cube Light Tent is to soften the harsh light, making the light softer. Its principle is to be able to pass the diffusion of one or two layers on the basis of common light source, make original light irradiation range becomes wider, make it become diffuse light.

The light produced by the soft light box is even and gentle, and the color saturation is good. The soft light box is mostly composed of reflective materials plus soft light cloth, so that the light emitting surface of the soft light box is bigger and more even, the light is more soft and beautiful, and the color is more sharp. There are many kinds of soft light boxes, such as rectangular soft light box, square soft light box, octagonal soft light box, pillar soft light box, umbrella soft light box, honeycomb soft light box, etc. No matter the shape is various, the effect is similar, it is bright and soft color.

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Photo Studio Cube Light Tent

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