Only the background screen, how to take a good picture?

Sep 29, 2018

With a Non-woven Fabric Photography Backdrop, you can add two light bulbs, because sometimes you can't adjust the Angle of the natural light source, and you can change the distance or Angle of the light to suit your shot.

If there is no light, you can only adjust more later. And it can only be taken in good daylight.

Do not adjust too much in the later stage, simply pull the curve, or use simple retouching software to adjust the brightness, you can compare your own photos and the color of clothes to adjust, usually the color will not be so accurate after the adjustment.

Therefore, it is better to shoot with as much light as possible, and make simple cutout and small range adjustment in the later stage.

The camera set iso automatic, white balance automatic, the general color restore is quite accurate, not allowed time according to the color of the clothes to adjust the white balance, mainly shoot more, more debugging, this with your lights also related! So it's not so much trouble when there's still a fixed patch.

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Non-woven Fabric Photography Backdrop

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