Photographic Lighting Scale, You Know All That?

Oct 10, 2018

Usually every photographer has a Photo Studio Video Continuous Lighting Kit. In fact, it is not only the photographic lighting equipment, but also a lot of knowledge about photographic lighting. For example, the photographic proportion is a good photographic reference, but it cannot solve all the lighting problems for photographers. The lighting ratio can help set the emotional tone of the film, but there are other factors that need to be taken into account.

Photo Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

1. Lighting type:

Soft light and hard light. The lighting ratio does not help you decide whether to use soft or hard light in a particular scene. You must know the difference between soft and hard light and when to use them.

2. Lighting direction

There are thousands of ways of lighting, and the lighting ratio doesn't help you determine where the main light should come from.

3. The color

The lighting scale also doesn't help you determine the color. You must have a deep understanding of the film's story and how the color temperature of the lights affects the mood and feel of the story.

4.The lighting ratio is important for early production and communication with the crew. They are like an outline of what people are writing, helping to keep the focus on what you want to achieve in the end and not let you get sidetracked. But that doesn't mean you need to follow every set.

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