Photography Accessory

Jul 06, 2019

Photography Accessory  

Photography Accessory China wholesaler shared thet Photography Accessory is a general term for cameras, lenses and their related accessories, and all kinds of equipment and articles related to photographic activities. Consumables, including film, and most Photography Accessory operators' photographic vests, photo bags, etc. belong to the category of Photography Accessory.

The scope of Photography Accessory

Photography Accessory of the range is very wide, in addition to the well-known camera, mainly contains various zoom lens, prime lens, flash, use all sorts of color filter, camera bag, Light Stand, camera tripod, studio flash, light boxes, all kinds of lamp, lamp of reflectors, reflective umbrellas, taking pictures, camera light, quartz lamp, lens cover, lens hood, tripod, single leg, camera cleaning utensils, shutter release, etc., also includes the equipment accessories, etc.

Traditional Photography Accessory also includes darkroom printing camera, enlarger, security lamp, glazer, thermostat, timer and so on.

Photography Accessory China wholesaler

Color expander, printer and other Photography Accessory.

Now that digital cameras have merged photography and photography, they are also known as the broader imaging apparatus, which includes both photography and photography.

Accessory equipment

Tripod, shutter release, flash, battery, storage card, neck strap, hand strap,

Film scanner:

Common film scanners are divided into 130 format (film size is 24mm×36mm),

120 format (film size: 6cm×4.5cm or 6cm×6cm, 6cm×7cm)

4 inches by 5 inches or larger.

In addition, according to the scope of application, there are industrial drum scanners.

Both film and roller cover civilian reflector scanning functions.

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