A Few Things You Must Know To Learn About Studio Lighting(part 1)

Apr 10, 2019

A Few Things You Must Know To Learn About Studio Lighting

A beginner of studio lighting sees not light but shadow at first. Looking at the shadow on MODEL's face, he cannot wait to avoid it, so he turns on another light. But if there is a light, there will be a shadow. Light Stand Exporter tells you that So the first thing we need to learn is... To know the change of the shadow, and not to destroy it.

When a beginner first comes into contact with shed lighting, the first thing he thinks of is to hit the jump light because he is afraid of the shadow. Anyway, hit the light back to the ceiling or wall to make the diffuse light bounce back and avoid the shadow between subjects.

No shadow mask-Photographic Lighting

As long as it is in the studio, everyone will use a shadow mask, and it is taken for granted.. Shadow masks are part of the studio, but have you ever wondered how previous photographers controlled the light and took pictures without such things as shadow masks? It was around 1987 that the so-called shadowless hood began to appear in the studio and was not a common light control tool. Before this a period of time, cameraman is right shed inside control the light is hit with standard cover more or stick the way of tracing paper to deal with smooth problem, but the light tone that standard cover hits is very hard how to do, the shadow is very heavy how to want to eliminate again? The method that solves is to hit a lamp again, or use the 3rd lamp, use the far and near of the lamp strong weak light is compared, let shadow desalt, so the cameraman at that time, hit a lamp to be true kongfu.

                                    Photographic Lighting

Reflective umbrella control light method

If you are in grade 4.5.6, think back to when you went to the photo studio to take your id photos, what kind of lamp did the master use? At that time, the most commonly used one was an arm frame, which was riveted to the ceiling. Two movable arms locked a shed, and an umbrella (reflective umbrella) was stuck on it. Then with the way of the shed flashback, let the reflective umbrella diffraction light, produce a softer light quality, this light tone than the shadow shade light slightly harder. In today's digital photography era, few people use reflective umbrella lighting.

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