How to improve your photography skills? Know these eight points!(part 4)

May 15, 2019

7. Abandon post modification

In the past, when I took photos, I always thought that the early period was not good, and the later period was to make up for it. In fact, Photographic Lighting China shares that a good work, both before and after are very important. In the digital age, the convenience of the post makes a complete photography process has been indispensable to the post this link. Whether it is the most basic of the screen cutting, tone adjustment and even the content of the modification.

But if you really want to improve your photography, Photographic Lighting Exporter points that taking a picture is more important than creating it.

Here is not to say that the post is not important, but a good work, often do not need to be decorated in the post. Try to shoot your work without any post-production, so that you can share your work in the circle of friends and get praise and praise is your real strength. Only in this way can you become a qualified photographer.

Photographic Lighting Exporter

8. Use film photography

One of the advantages (and possibly disadvantages, depending on the individual) of film photography is that you can't see the results immediately after you press the shutter.

If you want to know the quality of the work you have just taken, you must develop the picture. Although the advent of digital photography greatly reduced the cost of taking pictures and enabled the rapid spread of photography. But if you really want to be a qualified photographer, at least try shooting on film. Film photography allows you to take the initiative to learn the fundamentals of exposure, and the film's own carrier limits allow you to think carefully before shooting each image and stop being a shutter killer. The anticipation before and the surprise (or disappointment) after are all experiences that digital photography cannot bring to you.

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