Why we need to use a tripod?

May 29, 2019

Why we need to use a tripod?

Photographic accessories supplier China shares that tripods are useful for hundreds of reasons, but here are a few examples of why/when to use them:

1. To prevent camera shake and blurring - use a tripod to ensure clear images and choose to shoot at low ISO to minimize noise.

Support system for heavy camera/lens Settings - if you are shooting for a long time and your Settings are heavy, you may find it helpful to place the camera on a tripod. Also, this prevents camera shake when your arm gets tired from carrying the camera.

3. Shooting at night and long exposures - using any of these types of photography, a tripod is a must.

4. Macro shooting - accurate focus is very important when shooting macro. Placing the camera on a tripod helps you compose your shot and keep the focus exactly where you want it to be when you press the release button.

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