These tips teach you to improve the art of photos

Mar 27, 2019

These tips teach you to improve the art of photos

Most of the time when you take a photo, you want to make your photo look more artistic. In this point, you still need some tips. Here are some tips and tricks shared from Light Stand Exporter for improving the artistry of your photos.

1) view

The point of view here refers to the Angle and thinking of what should appear in the picture at the time of shooting. Trying to think of the scene as a photo before shooting helps us get what we want. Matching the subject rather than shooting from adjacent angles will work well. Also try shooting from high or deep, which will produce interesting angles and visuals.

2) simple

Try to keep the framework simple, which helps the audience focus on the theme. In other words, a minimalist approach. Choosing your subjects wisely and outlining them will make the picture look great. Try to keep the background simple and make the audience stand out.

3) use geometry wisely

Look for shapes, patterns, symmetries, capture geometry, lines and curves. Try to combine the images according to these shapes. Getting a unique symbol within the frame creates a strong focus that allows the viewer to easily relate to the image and have a certain rhythm.

4) balanced picture composition

In composition, pay attention to the balance of the picture, avoid unbalanced picture, pay attention to the position of the body in the picture, or try to associate the body with the body. Balance images by blending lighting, shadows, physical elements, characters, contrasting colors, etc. Moving the focus is a good way to balance the image.

5) abstract the subject

Capturing these neutral or abstract objects in the frame brings additional elements to the image. The audience can use these abstract objects to feel things that have nothing to do with the subject; It adds some drama to the image.

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6) cutting of the picture

Not all photos are taken with disposable cameras, often through post-cutting to make the picture more perfect. This may also mean that you have to think about how to deal with the size of the picture in the later stage when shooting, so as to make the subject more attractive to the audience.

7) depth of image

Try to induce background depth by focusing on the foreground, giving the foreground a lot of space and filling it with powerful themes that separate the layers of the mind. Natural light can play an important role in creating depth in images. At the same time these images with depth are created so that the viewer can see them in a wider perspective.

8) break free

Following the rule of the third, the golden rule, the golden triangle, the spiral, the meaning of gold, might do well. But people don't have to think too much about it when they press the shutter, and while cutting can help in practice, after a period of practice, all of this will naturally come into play.

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