Types and Characteristics of Photographic Light Sources

Jan 05, 2019

As a Photographic Lighting Supplier, We awant to tell you tha t the light sources commonly used in photography are divided into two categories: natural light sources and artificial light sources.

First, natural light

Natural light refers to the direct light and sky light of the sun, the diffuse light of the cloudy, rainy, snowy sky, and the moonlight and starlight.

The intensity and direction of natural light cannot be arbitrarily adjusted and controlled by the photographer, and can only be selected and waited. Photographers should pay attention to the effects of changes in natural light on the light used in photography.

Photographic Lighting Supplier

Second, artificial light:

Artificial light is a commonly used light source for photography. It is easy to use and flexible. Its illumination intensity, illumination direction, illumination height, illumination distance, light color temperature, etc. can all be controlled by the photographer.

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