What kind of lens do you need most?

Aug 23, 2019

What lens do you need most? Following the Photography Accessory Manufacturer would like to share with you.

Most beginners buy a camera for the first time and choose a set because they can follow a zoom lens, which is suitable for different situations. But my first time actually has and the contact DSLR lens is a 50mm standard fixed focal lens instead, at that time has the friend to smile to say cannot walk the horizon, but this is true? Zoom lens is so convenient, why do we use a prime lens?

Generally speaking, it is very expensive to use a zoom lens with a large aperture, while a prime lens can easily be bought with a large aperture that tastes like roast goose for the price of cabbage. First, a larger aperture collects more light than a smaller zoom lens, making it easier to create a shallow depth-of-field effect and get the desired image at night or in low-light indoor Settings without turning up the ISO.

Moreover, because the components of a prime lens can be made smaller than a zoom lens, they are lightweight. At the same time, without the "convenience" of zoom, you need to rely on your own movement to shoot, which can help you think about composition. Add the construction of fixed - focus lens is pure, quality often can be higher than zoom lens, and the price is appropriate, cheap who can not love.

800 Watt Studio Red Head Light with Dimmer YL111-1

800 Watt Studio Red Head Light with Dimmer YL111-1

What kind of lens is the most appropriate? Maybe this question will vary from person to person, or what kind of lens you need is more appropriate.

Figure out what you want to do first.

Do you want the whole scene to be photographed?

When you're photographing landscapes, streets, travel, or environmental portraits, you might want to capture the whole scene, not just the parts.

In general, at that time you will need a wide Angle lens, it can help you more show scene, some photographers will become story wide-angle lens, because the range of lens cover can take enough details to show you the theme of the background, so as to better help you said the theme of the story, this kind of film is often used in portrait or documentary photography scene.

However, if you need a shallow depth of field, most wide-angle lenses may not meet your requirements. We know that the depth of field is closely related to the focal length, the same aperture, the same body size, the longer the focal length, the shallower the depth of field. Then you have to shoot from a distance with a medium long lens.

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