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Aug 06, 2019

Although using a tripod or monopod is often considered an ideal way to keep the camera stable, they are not the only way to prevent shaking. In a recent blog post, some camera experts have come up with a few practical tips shared by Photography Accessory Manufacturer to help you keep your image from shaking. 

1. Handheld stabilizer

These days, what technology and money can solve is not a problem. With continuous development of technology, image stabilization technology innovation, Stan nikon before mechanical stabilizer times faster to end (after will be more used in the field of professional camera), and relevant to the general public micro list and a new cell phone technology electronic stabilizer into the people's life, armed with a DSLR stabilizer and phone stabilizer will begin to spread.

For example, AFI handheld SLR stabilizer and AFI mobile stabilizer apply the principle of three-axis gyroscope sensor to control the three-axis motor to protect the stability of the lens, so as to achieve the stability of video recording and say farewell to handshaking. This will be a big step forward in the future. Here is a preliminary illustration of the effects and operation of the AFI stabilizer.

Light Stand China

Light Stand China

2. The bean bag

If you don't have a Light Stand China, you can use a beanbag. Beanbags are very practical for photographers, they can be adjusted into various shapes to hold the body or lens. Like on a rock, it's hard to find a good place to put a camera or lens, but a beanbag is a good solution: not only does it keep the camera from being worn away by rough surfaces, but it also avoids the problem of uneven or sloping rocks.

Beanbags are also good for low-angle upshot, such as placing the camera on the grass, where the lens is positioned just above the leaf and tilts slightly upward toward the subject. Many photographers also use a telephoto lens by pressing the beanbag against the camera body or lens to mitigate the vibrations caused by touching or rotating the camera upward.

Beanbags are easy to make and cheap to make. A few pieces of cloth and beans can be made. If you have a zipper or Velcro, it is more convenient.

Step 3 add weight to tripod

Even the strongest tripods sometimes need a little extra help to make them more stable, especially when it's windy. Some tripods have hanging hooks on the sides of the middle bars and brackets, which are used to hang heavy objects.

Bean bags and even camera bags can be used, whatever it takes to keep a Light Stand on the ground. Of course, make sure these weights hang down firmly and don't sway in the wind, otherwise it will add to the trouble.

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