What Are the Tips For Shooting Outside Scenes?

Jan 17, 2019

What do you need to use outside photography equipment? Let's tell everyone about the photographic equipment outside.

Photography Studio Umbrella

In general:

1 Photographic equipment: camera, lens, Photo Studio Metal Clamp (with appropriate lens according to the shooting environment and subject matter), memory card (can be equipped with spare card and battery).

2 Auxiliary equipment Reflector, external lamp (reflector and lamp can be brought, at least one), Studio Lighting Photo Light Stand, flasher.

In special scenes or environments:

To see the photographer's needs, Photography Studio Umbrella, cigarette cakes, honeycomb shades, color films, etc. are selected as appropriate.

And it's important to bring makeup artists and assistants. If you are alone, you must bring at least powder and lights, as well as props for shooting.

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