What is The Difference Between Reflectors?

Dec 17, 2018

If you want to buy a reflector that suits your needs, you must first understand the difference between the Studio Photography Reflector Holder.

Studio Photography Reflector Holder

(1) According to the shape: circular, elliptical, square, triangular, of which the most common of the circular, accounting for the majority.

(2) According to the number of faces: single-sided, two-sided, two-sided five-color, two-sided multi-color, two sides, two sides and five colors are the most common.

(3) According to the color of the reflective surface: silver surface, white surface, gold surface, gold and silver mixed color surface, black surface, semi-transparent soft surface, other color surface. Among them, silver, white and gold are the most common. If a two-sided reflector is usually silver or white or silver and gold.

(4) Divided by size: It is usually distinguished by the diameter when the reflector is unfolded, as small as 30cm and as large as 180cm. Different sizes of reflectors, reflective area, portability, price and so on are different.

(5) According to the support structure: flat steel strip (foldable), rigid frame (non-foldable, but detachable), of which flat steel strip is the most common.

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