Use a Reflective Umbrella for Outdoor Portraits with Black Backgrounds

Nov 09, 2018

A Studio Gold Black Reflective Photo Umbrella is enough for an outdoor portrait with a black background from Background Stands Manufacturers.

Shooting Tables

(1) shooting ideas

When shooting an outdoor portrait, the natural light is much stronger than the indoor light, so when shooting an outdoor portrait with a black background, try to make the subject underexposed.

(2) adjust exposure

First, the exposure is adjusted. The shutter speed can only be adjusted to 1/250-second, since the normal flash is used instead of the high-speed sync flash, and then the iso100 and aperture F11 are adjusted to reduce the camera's light intake.

(3) add flash

The flash part USES a reflective umbrella, and is a reflective umbrella that doesn't fully open. If the reflective umbrella is fully unrolled, then the reflection area is large, but what we want is the light coming straight to the face of the subject, so we need to fold the reflective umbrella, one is to maximize the use of the light, the other is to restrict the direction of the light.

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